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Samuel French Rights

Amateur Rights controlled by Samuel French Ltd:

Samuel French Ltd
52 Fitzroy Street
London W1T 5JR

Faber titles in which Samuel French Ltd handles amateur rights:

Acapulco Steven Berkoff
Actor Steven Berkoff
After Darwin Timberlake Wertenbaker
After Easter Anne Devlin
After Juliet Sharman Macdonald
After Magritte Tom Stoppard
Albert’s Bridge Tom Stoppard
Amy’s View David Hare
Another Time Ronald Harwood
Arcadia Tom Stoppard
Aristocrats Brian Friel
Art Yasmina Reza/Christopher Hampton
Artist Descending a Staircase Tom Stoppard
Ash Girl Timberlake Wertenbaker
Ashes to Ashes Harold Pinter
Audience Vaclav Havel/Vera Blackwell

Bash Neil LaBute
Betrayal Harold Pinter
Birdy Naomi Wallace/William Wharton
Birthday Party Harold Pinter
Blue Remembered Hills Dennis Potter
Blue Room David Hare/Schnitzler
Borders of Paradise Sharman Macdonald
Bow of Ulysses Steven Berkoff
Boy Who Fell into a Book Alan Ayckbourn
Break of Day Timberlake Wertenbaker
Brighton Beach Scumbags Steven Berkoff
Butley Simon Gray

Caretaker Harold Pinter
Celebration Harold Pinter
Champion of Paribanou Alan Ayckbourn
Chorus of Disapproval Alan Ayckbourn
Collection Harold Pinter
Comedians Trevor Griffiths
Comic Potential Alan Ayckbourn
Common Pursuit Simon Gray
Communicating Doors Alan Ayckbourn
Conversations After a Burial Yasmina Reza/Christopher Hampton
Credible Witness Timberlake Wertenbaker

Dahling You Were Marvellous Steven Berkoff
Damsels in Distress (FlatSpin, GamePlan, RolePlay) Alan Ayckbourn
Dancing at Lughnasa Brian Friel
Day in the Death of Joe Egg Peter Nichols
Decadence Steven Berkoff
Dinner Moira Buffini
Dog Steven Berkoff
Dogg’s Hamlet/Cahoot’s Macbeth Tom Stoppard
Dolly West’s Kitchen Frank McGuinness
Dresser Ronald Harwood
Drowning on Dry Land  Alan Ayckbourn
Dumb Waiter Harold Pinter
Dwarfs Harold Pinter

East Steven Berkoff
Elton John’s Glasses David Farr
Endgame Samuel Beckett
Englishman Abroad Alan Bennett
Enjoy Alan Bennett
Entertainer John Osborne
Equally Divided Ronald Harwood
Ernies Incredible Illucinations Alan Ayckbourn

Faith Healer Brian Friel
Family Voices Harold Pinter
Fanshen David Hare/William Hinton
Fathers and Sons Brian Friel/Turgenev
Forty Years On Alan Bennett
Freedom of the City Brian Friel

Gagarin Way
Gregory Burke
Getting On Alan Bennett
Gizmo Alan Ayckbourn
Grace of Mary Traverse Timberlake Wertenbaker
Greek Steven Berkoff
Grimm Tales Carol Ann Duffy/Tim Supple

Habeas Corpus Alan Bennett
Handyman Ronald Harwood
Hapgood Tom Stoppard
Harry’s Christmas Steven Berkoff
Henceforward … Alan Ayckbourn
Heritage Stephen Churchett
Hidden Laughter Simon Gray
Holy Terror: Melon Revised Simon Gray
Homecoming Harold Pinter
Hothouse Harold Pinter
Howard Katz Patrick Marber
Humble Boy Charlotte Jones

If You’re Glad I’ll be Frank
Tom Stoppard
In Flame Charlotte Jones
Increased Difficulty of Concentration Vaclav Havel/Vera Blackwell
Indian Ink Tom Stoppard
Invention of Love Tom Stoppard
Invisible Friends Alan Ayckbourn

Jollies Alan Ayckbourn
Jumpers Tom Stoppard
Juno and the Paycock Sean O’Casey

Kafka’s Dick Alan Bennett
Kind of Alaska Harold Pinter
Krapp’s Last Tape
Samuel Beckett
Kvetch Steven Berkoff

Lady in the Van Alan Bennett
Landscape Harold Pinter
Largo Desolato Vaclav Havel/Tom Stoppard
Laughing Matter April de Angelis
Les Liaisons Dangereuses Christopher Hampton
Life X 3 Yasmina Reza/Christopher Hampton
Living Quarters Brian Friel
Look Back in Anger John Osborne
Love of the Nightingale Timberlake Wertenbaker
Lover Harold Pinter
Lunch Steven Berkoff

Madame Melville Richard Nelson
Madness of George III Alan Bennett
Mahler’s Conversion Ronald Harwood
Making History Brian Friel
Man of the Moment Alan Ayckbourn
Massage Steven Berkoff
Mercy Seat Neil LaBute
Messiah Steven Berkoff
Misanthrope Tony Harrison/Moliere
Misha’s Party Richard Nelson/Alexander Gelman
Moonlight Harold Pinter
More Grimm Tales Carol AnnDuffy/Tim Supple
Mountain Language Harold Pinter
Murmuring Judges David Hare
My Very Own Story Alan Ayckbourn
My Zinc Bed David Hare
Mysteries Tony Harrison

David Farr
New Anatomies Timberlake Wertenbaker
New England Richard Nelson
New World Order Harold Pinter
Night and Day Tom Stoppard
Night Out Harold Pinter
Night Season Rebecca Lenkiewicz

Observe the Sons of Ulster…
Frank McGuinness
Oedipus Steven Berkoff
Old Country Alan Bennett
Old Times Harold Pinter
On the Razzle Tom Stoppard
One for the Road Harold Pinter
Orvin Champion of Champions Alan Ayckbourn
Otherwise Engaged Simon Gray

Party Time Harold Pinter
Philadelphia Here I Come! Brian Friel
Philanthropist Christopher Hampton
Playhouse Creatures April de Angelis
Plough and the Stars Sean O’Casey
Positive Hour April de Angelis
Precisely Harold Pinter
Press Conference Harold Pinter
Proof David Auburn

Quartermaine’s Terms Simon Gray
Quartet Ronald Harwood

Racing Demon David Hare
Real Thing Tom Stoppard
Redevelopment Vaclav Havel/James Saunders
Revenger’s Comedies Alan Ayckbourn
Ritual in Blood Steven Berkoff
Room Harold Pinter
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead Tom Stoppard
Rough Crossing Tom Stoppard/Molnar

Savages Christopher Hampton
Seagull Chekhov/Tom Stoppard
Secret Love Life of Ophelia Steven Berkoff
Secret Rapture David Hare
Shadow of a Gunman Sean O’Casey
Shape of Things Neil LaBute
Silence Harold Pinter
Single Spies Alan Bennett
Sink the Belgrano! Steven Berkoff
Skylight David Hare
Slight Ache Harold Pinter
Small Change Peter Gill
Small Family Business Alan Ayckbourn
Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me Frank McGuinness
Sparkleshark Philip Ridley
Straits Gregory Burke
Sturm and Drang Steven Berkoff
Sugar Daddies Alan Ayckbourn

Taking Sides
Ronald Harwood
Talking Cure Christopher Hampton
Temptation Vaclav Havel/George Theiner
Things We Do for Love Alan Ayckbourn
This is Where We Came In Alan Ayckbourn
Three Birds Alighting on a Field Timberlake Wertenbaker
To the Green Fields Beyond Nick Whitby
Tom and Clem Stephen Churchett
Total Eclipse Christopher Hampton
Translations Brian Friel
Travesties Tom Stoppard
Treats Christopher Hampton
Trip’s Cinch Phyllis Nagy

Unexpected Man Yasmina Reza/Christopher Hampton
Us and Them Tamsin Oglesby

Victoria Station Harold Pinter

Waiting for Godot Samuel Beckett (* professional repertory rights also)
Warwickshire Testimony April de Angelis
Wedding Story Bryony Lavery
West Steven Berkoff
When I was a Girl I used to Scream and Shout Sharman Macdonald
Whenever Alan Ayckbourn
Wildest Dreams Alan Ayckbourn
Wind in the Willows Grahame/Bennett
Winter Guest Sharman Macdonald
Woman in Mind Alan Acykbourn

York Realist Peter Gill