Sam Knight at Cambridge Literary Festival

Spend an evening with Sam Knight, who'll be at Cambridge Literary Festival to talk about his new books, The Premonitions Bureau.

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East of England
6:00 pm
About the Event

Truth truly is stranger, more unnerving, than fiction. Feel shivers run down your spine as Sam Knight shares the unbelievable true story of psychiatrist John Barker, who spent the 1960s working with people who claimed they could predict future disasters. Two of Barker’s ‘percipients’ really did predict future disasters – with an accuracy as stunning as it was frightening. One day, they informed Barker of their most disturbing premonition: that he was about to die. We know, ahead of time, that you would do well to come to this extraordinary event. See you soon…

In conversation with Will Dunn, Business Editor, New Statesman.

Image credit – Olivia Arthur / Magnum Photos