Nicola Upson at Taunton Brewhouse

Join Nicola Upson at Taunton Brewhouse for a talk and Q&A abuot her latest novel Dear Little Corpses.

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South West
7:30 pm
About the Event

It takes a village to bury a child . . .

1 September 1939. As the mass evacuation takes place across Britain, thousands of children leave London for the countryside. But when a little girl vanishes without a trace, the reality of separation becomes more desperate and more deadly for those who love her.

In the chaos and uncertainty of war, Josephine Tey struggles with the prospect of change. As a cloud of suspicion falls across the small Suffolk village she has come to love, the conflict becomes personal, and events take a dark and sinister turn.

Blending a Golden Age mystery with the timeless fears of a child’s abduction, Dear Little Corpses is an atmospheric snapshot of England in the early days of war. In this compelling talk by author Nicola Upson, learn more about the inspiration behind the novel and immerse yourself in the twists and turns of this haunting mystery.

Presented in partnership with Brendon Books. Talk includes Q&A session.