Miriam Toews at Waterstones Gower Street (in conversation with Daisy Buchanan)

Join Miriam Toews discussing her latest book Fight Night with Daisy Buchanan at Waterstones Gower Street.

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6:30 pm
About the Event

Join us for a London exclusive event with bestselling author Miriam Toews, who will be visiting us to launch her newest book, Fight Night.

In her simultaneously poignant and hilarious newest novel Fight Night, Miriam Toews introduces us to Swiv, who following a suspension from school is in her grandmother’s care whilst Mom is pregnant and preoccupied.

Grandma’s education style is highly unconventional. She likes her stories fast, troublesome and funny. She has known the very worst that life can throw at you – and has met it every time with a wild, unnamable spirit, fighting for joy and independence every step of the way. Will maths lessons based on Amisha jigsaws and classes on How to Dig a Winter Grave inspire the same fire in Swiv, and ensure it never goes out?

Time is running short. Grandma’s health is failing, the baby is on the way, as a family of three extraordinary women prepare to face life’s great changes together.

A testament to the power of strong women, Fight Night is a book sure to be read, loved, and sobbed over by many.