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Wild Swim

Kate Rew

The definitive guide to outdoor swimming in Britain.

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In this stunning and inspiring guide, Kate Rew, founder of the Outdoor Swimming Society, takes you on a wild journey across Britain, braving the elements to experience first-hand some of the country’s most awe-inspiring swim spots, from tidal pools in the Outer Hebrides to the white-sand beaches of the Isles of Scilly.

Waterfalls, natural jacuzzis, sea caves, meandering rivers – every swim is described in loving detail, taking in not only the gleeful humour of each mini-adventure and the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings, but also practical information about how to find these remote spots.

Featuring evocative photography from Dominick Tyler, this is a must-have book for serious swimmers and seaside paddlers alike, and is perfect for the outdoors enthusiast in your life.

Critic Reviews

A wonderful and joyful romp of a book that will launch a thousand swimmers. Go on. Dive in!

Robert Macfarlane
Critic Reviews

A book born out of genuine love for its subject . . . a practical guide to pools and beauty spots combined with imagery that perfectly captures the freshness and freedom of elemental swimming.

Charlotte Ross, Evening Standard
Critic Reviews

Written in the freewheeling spirit of the late Roger Deakin . . . it is both a taster and a spur, passing on the news of places to swim in your neck of the woods and also tempting you to travel to places further afield . . . some of the photographs have all the disarming beauty of great paintings.

Craig Brown, Mail on Sunday
Critic Reviews

A vital book. Hold it and salivate . . . The country she conjures could be one of fantasy . . . [Rew's] prose is perfect. Page after page she nails things . . . The sound and depth, colours and contours of Britain are revealed . . . [Wild Swim] will have you hunched on the sofa as though with a stash of love letters

Antonia Quirke, New Statesman
Critic Reviews

Reignite[s] that basic desire to run to the nearest riverbank, tear off all your clothes and jump in . . . inspirational . . . equip[s] you well to strike out on your own, which his after all the whole point.

Matt Rudd, Sunday Times
Critic Reviews

Superb . . . Imagine if you picked up a guide to Paris, and it contained anecdote upon anecdote from people who had met the love of their life in a certain bar. It would put each place into context, surround it with a story – and make you really engage and eager to visit. This is exactly what Wild Swim does . . . this book makes readers appreciate Great Britain from beneath the banks

Asher McShane, Daily Mail