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Rob Davies

A striking exposé of the insidious business practices that have generated enormous profits for the companies operating within the UK’s gambling industry.

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The history of British gambling is a history that stretches back nearly one thousand years, reaching into some of the nation’s most fabled periods. It’s now an industry worth billions of pounds.

Investigative journalist and Guardian correspondent Rob Davies surveys the development of the gambling industry to explain how the Britain became one of the largest gambling markets in the world. From the turn to deregulation under the Blair administration and the resultant explosion of gambling advertising to predatory targeting and industry lobbying in the halls of power, Davies uncovers the sinister inner workings of one of the country’s most nefarious industries.

Exploring the fate of gambling in the UK and the uncertain future of the thousands of victims who have been all but abandoned along the way, Jackpot is a stark and vital investigation that forces us to confront deeply disturbing truths about modern British society.

Critic Reviews

The UK's addiction to gambling is a complex tale, but Rob Davies tells it with such clarity and through the personal experiences of those affected most. A shocking and important book.

Ruth Davidson
Critic Reviews

Powerful and factually precise, this book will be with us forever to remind us of all of why a public health approach is needed when gambling is concerned.

Professor Henrietta Bowden-Jones OBE

Rob Davies is an investigative reporter for the Guardian’s business desk. His investigation into the gambling industry and government policy won a British Journalism Award in 2019. Jackpot is his first book.@ByRobDavies

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