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So You Think You’ve Got Problems?

Alex Bellos

Can you beat the Guardian’s puzzle-master, Alex Bellos?

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Thought you had it bad? In this book, you will be:

Imprisoned by a sadistic logician.
Challenged to raise dogs from the dead.
Trapped on a burning island.
And much more besides . . .

Everything is at stake in this compendium of more than 150 ingenious puzzles, selected to reveal the wonderful diversity of brainteasers that have confounded and intrigued solvers for the last thousand years. You’ll need to pit your wits against probability problems, wrestle with wordplay, grapple with geometry and scrabble for survival.

Along the way you will discover stories of whip-smart thinkers, eccentric novelists and a poodle with allegedly supernatural powers. You will absorb fascinating and important mathematical ideas. Some solutions will rely on ingenuity, some will challenge you to spot hidden patterns, others call for extreme rationality. All will surprise, entertain and stretch your brain.

Will you make it out with your puzzling pride intact?

Critic Reviews

A delightful book, filled with the perfect selection of puzzles. Alex Bellos is a wizard.

Tim Harford (on Can You Solve My Problems?)
Critic Reviews

Great fun. You can’t beat a good puzzle – but a lot of these beat me. Compiled with a collector’s knowledge and a fan’s enthusiasm.

Charlie Higson (on Can You Solve My Problems?)
Critic Reviews

Be warned, Alex Bellos’s new book could put a strain on your personal life, particularly if you are willing to go through the joyful ordeal and gleeful torment of solving every single one of his 125 puzzles … Excellent.

Simon Singh (on Can You Solve My Problems?)
Critic Reviews

Lots of Ah, Aha and Haha, which is the mark of a good puzzle

Rob Eastaway

Alex Bellos is a grandmaster of the puzzling world, brilliant on all things cryptic. His bestselling, award-winning books include Alex’s Adventures in Numberland, Alex Through the Looking-Glass and Can You Solve My Problems?, and have been translated into more than twenty languages. He is also the coauthor of two mathematical colouring books and the children’s series Football School. His YouTube…

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