Can You Solve My Problems?

Alex Bellos

Bestselling author and Guardian puzzle master tells the story of the puzzle through 125 of the world’s best brainteasers, alongside eye-opening anecdotes, brain-stretching ideas and thoroughly addictive puzzles

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Are you smarter than a Singaporean ten-year-old?
Can you beat Sherlock Holmes?
If you think the answer is yes – I challenge you to solve my problems.

Here are 125 of the world’s best brainteasers from the last two millennia, taking us from ancient China to medieval Europe, Victorian England to modern-day Japan, with stories of espionage, mathematical breakthroughs and puzzling rivalries along the way.

Pit your wits against logic puzzles and kinship riddles, pangrams and river-crossing conundrums. Some solutions rely on a touch of cunning, others call for creativity, others need mercilessly logical thought. Some can only be solved be 2 per cent of the population. All are guaranteed to sharpen your mind. Let’s get puzzling!

Critic Reviews

Be warned, Alex Bellos's new book could put a strain on your personal life, particularly if you are willing to go through the joyful ordeal and gleeful torment of solving every single one of his 125 puzzles ... Can You Solve My Problems? is not just a random list of skull-warping brain-teasers, but rather a skilfully curated anthology of puzzles... Excellent.

Simon Singh, Observer, Science and Nature Book of the Day
Critic Reviews

Great . . . Compiled with a collector's knowledge and a fan's enthusiasm.

Charlie Higson
Critic Reviews

A delightful book.

Tim Hartford
Critic Reviews

Great fun.

The Times 'Books of the Year'
Critic Reviews

Superbly engrossing.

Critic Reviews

Think of the best storyteller you know and the coolest teacher you ever had, and now you’ve got some idea of what Alex Bellos is like.

Steven Strogatz, Cornell University

Alex Bellos is a grandmaster of the puzzling world, brilliant on all things cryptic. His bestselling, award-winning books include Alex’s Adventures in Numberland, Alex Through the Looking-Glass and Can You Solve My Problems?, and have been translated into more than twenty languages. He is also the coauthor of two mathematical colouring books and the children’s series Football School. His YouTube…

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