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Another Day in the Death of America

Gary Younge

24 hours. 8 states. 10 young lives lost to gun violence.

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Saturday, 23rd November 2013. It was just another day in America. And as befits an unremarkable day, ten children and teens were killed by gunfire. Far from being considered newsworthy, these everyday fatalities are simply a banal fact.

The youngest was nine; the oldest nineteen. None made the news. There was no outrage at their passing. It was simply a day like any other day. Gary Younge picked it at random, searched for the families of these children and here, tells their stories. Another Day in the Death of America explores the way these children lived and lost their short lives, offering a searing portrait of the vulnerability of youth in contemporary America.

Critic Reviews

Formidably intelligent and tenacious. A tour de force of regulated passion.

Martin Amis
Critic Reviews

This is Gary Younge's masterwork. You will never read news reports about gun violence the same way again. Brilliantly reported, quietly indignant and utterly gripping. A book to be read through tears.

Naomi Klein
Critic Reviews

This book is a righteous challenge to the big insanities of American society; gun ubiquity, racism, poverty and the supine and bland media which taboos genuine discourse on them. It's all the more daring and subversive for its controlled and mannered tone, as it breaks the unwritten law: thou shall not humanize the victims of this ongoing carnage.

Irvine Welsh
Critic Reviews

Another Day in the Death of America is a harrowing account of children's lives cut short by the ubiquity of violence in the United States. Drawn from suburbs and cities of every demographic, these sensitively researched portraits of virtually unknown victims and their grieving families expose the structural ties of race, class, and lack of gun control. Younge's book completes the picture of what violence looks like in contemporary America.

Claudia Rankine
Critic Reviews

A gripping account of the conditions that turn so many of America’s powerless into victims... It’s easy to mourn lives cut down prematurely but what makes this book stand out is the strength of its analysis... In illuminating the stories of some of these people and of their communities, Younge has provided us with a beautifully told and empathic account that wrenches at the heart even as it continues to engage the brain.

Gillian Slovo, Observer
Critic Reviews

Deeply affecting... Younge vividly humanises the statistics, finding out all he can about each child, and trying to connect with the families and friends of the victims, to give context to what brought them to that deadly full stop. This might not be a book to make you eagerly turn pages, only because you might need to put it down to catch your breath and marshal your feelings, as one heartrending story follows another.

Margaret Busby, The Sunday Times
Gary Younge

Gary Younge is a Guardian columnist and feature writer based in the US. His books include Who Are We – And Should it Matter in the 21st Century? and No Place Like Home, shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award. He lives with his family in New York City.

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