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Cameron’s Coup

David Walker

An incisive and damning journey around the country to see first-hand the effects of the coalition on Britain.

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*Includes updated post-election material.*

The NHS devastated without so much as a by-your-leave; Gen Y hung out to dry; legal aid cut for the vulnerable; social housing on the brink of collapse . . .

Cameron has been busy.

Margaret Thatcher sold off the nationalised industries, her political heirs are intent on leaving an even more radical legacy – selling off the state itself.

Written with their trademark precision and passion, Toynbee and Walker reveal how in four short years a party that failed to win a Commons majority has been devastatingly effective. Blending polls and statistics with moving human stories from Taunton to Teesside, Sydenham to Sheffield, Cameron’s Coup shows the alarming reversal in decades of social progress. As Toynbee and Walker argue, it has been nothing short of a revolution. And they ask the pressing question: are these changes irrevocable?

This is essential reading for anyone who cares about their country.

Critic Reviews

A stirring analysis of the dubious causes and harsh consequences of austerity Britain revisited.

David Kynaston
Critic Reviews

This is the book we should throw at David Cameron.

John O'Farrell
Critic Reviews

Toynbee and Walker at their forensic, polemical best.

Will Hutton

Polly Toynbee and David Walker have co-authored Dogma and Disarray: Cameron at Half-Time, Unjust Rewards: Exposing Greed and Inequality in Britain Today, The Verdict: Did Labour Change Britain? and Better or Worse: Did Labour Deliver? Polly Toynbee is a columnist for the Guardian. David Walker is a contributing editor to the Guardian Public and former director of public reporting at…

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