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Funny You Should Ask . . . Again

The QI Elves

The perfect Christmas gift for the incurably curious. With an introduction from Zoe Ball.

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*QI’s brand new book for 2021. The perfect Christmas gift for the incurably curious*

‘Funny and fascinating . . . it’s really rather brilliant.’ ZOE BALL
‘Made me chortle.’ DERMOT O’LEARY
‘Fantastic . . . I loved it.’ STEVE WRIGHT
‘The best trivia book of the season.’ THE SPECTATOR
‘Mind-blowing.’ DAILY MAIL
‘Genuinely interesting.’ POPULAR SCIENCE

Which lottery numbers should I pick?
Is it true that we are made entirely of stardust?
Can dogs tell the time?
Why do songs get stuck in my head?
If Rome wasn’t built in a day, how long did it take?
How do you wash a raspberry?
What is the most expensive thing on Earth?
Where is last Wednesday?

These are just a few of the questions put to the QI Elves by the listeners of BBC Radio 2’s The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show. In their brand new book, you’ll learn their fascinating and frequently hilarious answers.From spiders to stinging nettles, bees to boy bands and twins to thermal undies, you’ll wonder why these questions hadn’t occurred to you before – but you’ll never forget the answers and will want to share them with all your friends.

Includes an introduction by Zoe Ball.

‘QI have outdone themselves!.’ ALAN DAVIES
‘A cracker of a book.’ SUE PERKINS
‘Genuinely useful and endlessly fascinating.’ THE SPECTATOR
‘Hilarious.’ DAILY MAIL

For more from the team behind QI’s hit TV show check out the QI FACTS series of books, @qikipedia and listen to their weekly podcast at nosuchthingasafish.com or visit qi.com

Critic Reviews

I'm thrilled to see the QI Elves are back with more funny and fascinating answers to BBC Radio 2's listeners' questions. The answers never go where you think they might . . . and each question makes you think of another one.

Zoe Ball
Critic Reviews

Made me chortle.

Dermot O'Leary
Critic Reviews

It is a fantastic read, it really is. I absolutely loved it.

Steve Wright
Critic Reviews

The best trivia book of the season comes, as so often, from the QI elves, who have followed last year’s excellent Funny You Should Ask . . . with the ingeniously titled Funny You Should Ask . . . Again.

The Spectator
Critic Reviews


Daily Mail
Critic Reviews

Genuinely interesting . . . there's plenty to enjoy and to want to tell whoever is near you . . . make[s] an excellent present for teenagers and adults alike.

Popular Science

The ‘QI Elves’ are the team of researchers and writers behind smash hit panel show QI. They have authored the 10,000 Facts series of QI books across seven titles, reached the semi-finals of Only Connect and had over 350 million downloads on their podcast No Such Thing As A Fish. They have appeared on ‘The Why Workshop’ on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on Radio 2…

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