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Nature’s Fascinating Friendships

Mike Hills
Illustrated by Kerry Hyndman

Go on an amazing journey around the world to discover how animals, plants and microscopic organisms develop fascinating friendships to survive and thrive.

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Did you know pom pom crabs wear sea anemones as boxing gloves to fight off enemies?

And greater honeybirds guide humans to hidden beehives?

And bats use pitcher plants as sleeping bags?

From ravens and wolves to trees and fungi, learn how these unlikely alliances are formed and find out all the incredible, funny, weird and disgusting reasons why these partnerships work.

Every page is beautifully illustrated and packed full of facts that should surprise and inspire us all to overcome our differences and work together more.


Mike and Kerry Kerry Hyndman is an illustrator who loves making pictures that spark a sense of wonder in the natural world. She works on a variety of publishing, editorial and advertising projects and has a growing number of non-fiction children’s books under her belt. She’s also the proud owner of a Blue Peter book award (and badge!). Mike Hills…

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