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Anna X

Joseph Charlton
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And the Internet has democratised overly. But you know what? People love hierarchy. It infuriates them but it makes them horny. It’s gold dust.

Anna. 25. Curator. I ? art, fashion, NYC.

Ariel. 32. CEO @Genesis. A dating app by invite only. SF-NYC-LDN.

It’s all about concept, and it’s so easy. Anna and Ariel, they make the world. They curate and create and know what people want. The fashionistas, the art scene, the elite party circuit. Outsiders who infiltrate, who influence, who dazzle. Appearance is everything. And then it isn’t. And there’s a price to pay.
A story about narcissism inspired by real events, Anna X premiered at the VAULT Festival, 2019, and transferred to the Harold Pinter Theatre, London, in July 2021.


Joseph Charlton is a writer from the north east of England. He worked as a journalist from 2012-2017, primarily at the Independent. His first play, Anniversary, was published in Craig Raine’s literary magazine, Arete, in 2017. His second play, Brilliant Jerks, was performed at the Vaults Festival, in London, in 2018. He is now expanding the play into a planned…

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