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The Apple Family: A Pandemic Trilogy

Richard Nelson
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These three plays were written and performed in real time over the course of the memorable summer of 2020. Forced into isolation as the pandemic raged and massive protests against racism spread after the murder of George Floyd, the Apple Family of Rhinebeck, New York, gather over Zoom to share meals and weather the storms. Together, virtually, they share jokes, stories and their adventures with grocery shopping and dating; they reveal their depression, fears and anxieties, they mourn lost friends and even watch together a dance performance, all while the world outside sputters increasingly out of control, amidst anger, illness, and a coming election.

With an introduction and afterword by the author.


Richard Nelson’s plays include Farewell to the Theatre, Nikolai and the Others, Sweet and Sad, That Hopey Changey Thing, Conversations in Tusculum, How Shakespeare Won the West, Frank’s Home, Rodney’s wife, Franny’s Way, Madame Melville, Goodnight Children Everywhere, The General From America, New England, Misha’s Party (with Alexander Gelman), Columbus or the Discovery of Japan, Two Shakespearean Actors, Some Americans…

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