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The Waste Land Facsimile

T. S. Eliot

First ever full-colour edition of The Waste Land to mark the 50th Anniversary edition of the revolutionary poem by T. S. Eliot.

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When the New York Public Library announced in October 1968 that its Berg Collection had acquired the original manuscript of The Waste Land, one of the most puzzling mysteries of twentieth-century literature was solved. The manuscript was not lost, as had been believed, but had remained among the papers of John Quinn, Eliot’s friend and adviser, to whom the poet had sent it in 1922.

If the discovery of the manuscript was startling, its content was even more so, because the published version of The Waste Land was considerably shorter than the original. How it was reduced and edited is clearly revealed on the manuscript through the handwritten notes of Ezra Pound, of Eliot’s first wife, Vivien, and of Eliot himself.

In order that this material might be widely available for study, the poet’s widow Mrs Valerie Eliot prepared the present edition, in 1971, in which each page of the original manuscript was reproduced in facsimile, with a clear transcript facing pages. Mrs Eliot also included an illuminating introduction, explanatory notes and cross-references, together with the text of the first published version of The Waste Land, thus completing the evolution of the most influential poem in modern literature.

To mark the centenary of the original poem, and celebrate fifty years of the facsimile, Eliot’s original pages are published here in the startling vivacity of full colour for the first time. The present edition reissues, with corrections, of the text of the 1980 reprint, and includes an appendix of original materials not previously made available.

Critic Reviews

‘The more we know of Eliot the better. I am thankful that the lost leaves have been unearthed. “The mystery of the missing manuscript” is now solved. Valerie Eliot has done a scholarly job which would have delighted her husband. For this, and for her patience with my attempts to elucidate my own marginal notes, and for the kindness which distinguishes her, I express my thanks.’

Ezra Pound
Critic Reviews

‘As a production this volume is as near perfection as superb typography and Valerie Eliot’s meticulous editing – never too little or too much – can make it. The deciphering of the manuscript is in itself a triumph of skill and intuition. We are fortunate that Mrs Eliot has been able to gather in, from her late husband’s memories and those of his still living friends, so much information about the poem that in a few years would have been irrecoverable.’

Kathleen Raine
T. S.Eliot

Thomas Stearns Eliot, poet, critic, publisher, was born in St Louis, Missouri, in 1888. He settled in England in 1915, where for a few years he worked in the foreign section of Lloyds Bank. His first book of poems, Prufrock and Other Observations, was published in 1917. In 1922, he became editor of the literary journal, The Criterion, publishing The Waste Land in its first…

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