Milan Kundera
Translated by Linda Asher

Identity – by the hugely acclaimed Czech novelist Milan Kundera – is a novel which only provides further evidence of the astonishing literary, philosophical and psychological gifts belonging to the author of The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

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Sometimes – perhaps only for an instant – we fail to recognise a companion; for a moment their identity ceases to exist, and thus we come to doubt our own. The effect is at its most acute in a couple where our existence is given meaning by our perception of a lover, and theirs of us.

With his astonishing skill at building on and out from the significant moment, Kundera has placed such a situation and the resulting wave of panic at the core of the novel. In a narrative as intense as it is brief, a moment of confusion sets in motion a complex chain of events which forces the reader to cross and recross the divide between fantasy and reality. Profound, sad and disquieting but above all a love story, Identity provides further proof of Kundera’s astonishing gifts as a novelist.


The French-Czech novelist Milan Kundera was born in the Czech Republic and lived in France since 1975. He died in Paris in 2023.

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