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These Women

Ivy Pochoda

A serial killer story like you’ve never heard before – a literary thriller of female empowerment and social change.

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‘These Women is full of resilient and undaunted characters that society often doesn’t give a second look to. But Ivy Pochoda does and in these pages she gives us the small story that grows so large in meaning and emotion as to transcend genre. It tells us how to look at ourselves and at what is important.’ Michael Connelly

The dancer. The mother. The cop. The artist. The wife.

These women live by countless unspoken rules. How to dress; who to trust; which streets are safe and which are not. The rules grow out of a kaleidoscope of fear, anguish, power, loss and hope. Maybe it is only these rules which keep them alive.

When their neighbourhood is rocked by two murders, the careful existence these women have built for themselves begins to crumble…

‘Pochoda turns grief, suffering and loss into art, crafting a literary thriller that is no less compelling for its deep emotional resonance.’ Vogue

Named a Most Anticipated Novel for 2020 by
* The Washington Post * Entertainment Weekly * Vulture * LitHub * Crime Reads * Book Riot *

What readers are saying:
‘Gritty and addicting.’

‘The kind of storytelling you hope to find in your movie theaters one day.’

‘Pochoda weaves a mystery that not only had me turning the page, but dwelling on lines of prose.’

‘This book was far from what I was expecting it to be . . . I couldn’t tear myself away.’

‘I devoured it in one sitting . . . I LOVED IT.’

‘This is one of those books that tears into you and doesn’t let you go – even after you read the last page.’

Critic Reviews

Intricate, deeply felt, beautifully written.

New York Times
Critic Reviews

Pochoda turns grief, suffering and loss into art, crafting a literary thriller that is no less compelling for its deep emotional resonance.

Critic Reviews

A crime novel of unusual depth and freshness...

Wall Street Journal
Critic Reviews

Not only has Pochoda written an immersive, intriguing murder mystery - she's also crafted a framework with which we can examine how all women are viewed in Western cultures.

Critic Reviews

Pochoda’s unconventional crime novel probes whom we listen to and why, and whose voices are deemed worthy of being heard.

Critic Reviews

Absolutely superb, a painful, atmospheric novel about women living on the margins in LA. Sex workers, drug addicts, women viewed and treated with contempt and disregard ... It's a stunner.

Steph Cha

Ivy Pochoda is the author of The Art of Disappearing, Visitation Street – a Guardian and Amazon best book of 2013 – and Wonder Valley, a Los Angeles Times Book Prize finalist and a winner of the Strand Critics Circle Award. For many years she was a world-ranked squash player. She teaches creative writing at the Lamp Arts Studio in Skid Row. Ivy grew up in Brooklyn, NY…

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