Nickolas Butler

Part morality tale, part mystery, a searing story of friendship, family and temptation.

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‘My daddy always told me, if it looks too good to be true – then it probably is.’

Bart, Teddy and Cole have been best friends since childhood. Having founded their own small-town construction company, they yearn to build a legacy, something to leave behind to their families. So when Gretchen Connors, a mysterious millionaire lawyer from California, approaches them with a stunning, almost formidable project in the mountains above their town, the three friends convince themselves it’s the job which will secure their future.

But what is Gretchen hiding from them? And why does the build have to be complete by Christmas, a near-impossible deadline? With the lines between ambition and greed more slippery and dangerous than the three friends ever imagined, how far will they push themselves and what will be the cost of their dream?

Critic Reviews

A slow-burning and mesmerising read.

The Herald, 'Best Books to read this summer'
Critic Reviews

In this showdown between old ways and new money, Butler has produced both a finely tuned literary thriller and a portrait of small-town life as a Petri dish of hope and hubris.

Financial Times
Critic Reviews

A tense and twisting tale of class conflict and battling buddies that ends in spectacular fashion.

Sunday Times (Crime Club)
Critic Reviews

A study of male friendships, greed and the desire to make meaning.

Daily Mail
Critic Reviews

The writing is careful, considered; the story allowed to gradually spool out while tension builds quietly and relentlessly. It’s only after the explosion – sudden, shocking – that you realise every word prior had led inevitably to that moment . . . Godspeed manages to deliver a credible kind of redemption without compromising the book’s vivid and deeply earned sense of environmental, elemental and emotional realism.

The Quietus
Critic Reviews

Godspeed reads like a modern fable or a contemporary western - a bloody and violent version of the American Dream in which ambition, addiction, and frailty are locked in what is at times an almost unbearably painful struggle with loyalty, love, and hope.

Carys Davies

Nickolas Butler was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. His award-winning debut novel, Shotgun Lovesongs, was an international bestseller and has been optioned for film by Fox Searchlight Pictures and his acclaimed second novel, Hearts of Men, was a finalist for the 2016 Prix Médicis Etrangere. Butler graduated from the University of Wisconsin before attending the Iowa…

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