I is a Strange Loop

Victoria Gould
Date Published
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Alone in a cube that’s glowing in the darkness, X is content within its little universe of infinite thought. This solitude is disturbed by the appearance of Y, who insists on exposing X to the richness of the physical world. Each begins to long for what the other has, luring them into a strange loop.

In this play for two variables, Marcus du Sautoy and Victoria Gould use mathematics and theatre to navigate the furthest reaches of our world. Through a series of surreal episodes, X and Y tackle some of life’s greatest questions: where did the universe come from, does time have an end, do we have free will?

I is a Strange Loop was first performed by the authors at the Barbican Pit, London, in March 2019.

I is a Strange Loop is a play that plays… with ideas, concepts, abstractions and relationships that are, usually, hidden from the sight of ordinary mortals, articulating the ineffable, incarnating the incorporeal, revealing the inconceivable… it makes us feel we know a great deal more than we do…. and is also very funny, utterly compelling and marvellously human.’ Simon McBurney

Critic Reviews

[An] ambitious and stimulating piece.

Financial Times
Critic Reviews

Tackles what it means to be human at a time when advances in technology and scientific research are hurtling forward with unprecedented speed.

British Theatre Guide
Critic Reviews

Enchanting and destabilizing.

A Younger Theatre
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