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Emily White
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They all convene at this place, the local Friday night disco, the Pavilion or ‘Pivvy’: once a grand old theatre for the upper echelons, now a drafty old cavernous wasteland for the hoi polloi. I’ve seen more blood, puke and tears than anyone should ever have to and I’m back every Friday night to witness more.

Dance. Drink. Fight. Snog.

Music pounds, lager flows, lust grinds and fists fly. A small town in a forgotten corner of Wales, full of big personalities and every one of them out for the final Friday night disco at the Pavilion. Like the local school and the public library, it’s about to be shut down.

Pavilion, a dark comedy by Emily White, premiered at Theatr Clwyd in September 2019.

Critic Reviews

Emily White’s assured debut play depicts a community’s fight to survive.

The Stage
Critic Reviews

An ambitious play for today.

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