The Meeting

Charlotte Jones
Date Published
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Teach me the language of your hands.

Rachel has been the voice for her deaf mother since she was born, but now she is restless to be heard for herself. Together, they have found sanctuary in a Quaker community that reveres silence. But the world is at war and it is becoming ever harder to live in Friendship. When a stranger arrives in their midst, their fragile peace is set to shatter.

The Meeting by Charlotte Jones premiered at Chichester Festival Theatre in July 2018.

Critic Reviews

A subtle, probing play that poses serious questions about faith, without denying its power.

Critic Reviews

What happens when prayers go unheard and unanswered? When serenity is violently disrupted by grief, desperation or desire? Jones#s writing is as tangy and restless as seawater, gently eddying one moment, cresting into tsunami-force waves the next, dangerous emotional undercurrents swirling beneath its surface... it has a deceptive simplicity, demanding an attentive ear as much to what is unsaid as to its plain-speaking poeticism.

The Times
Critic Reviews

A serious, smouldering love story that touches on meaty questions about female empowerment, religious conviction and the treatment of disability.

Critic Reviews

Charlotte Jones' new play The Meeting has a quiet but deeply moving intensity... A thoughtful and understated new play given real emotional depth.


Charlotte Jones has written six stage plays: Airswimming, In Flame, Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis, Humble Boy, The Dark and The Lightning Play. She won the Critics’ Circle Most Promising Playwright award 1999. Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis won the Pearson TV Best New Play Award and Manchester Evening News Best New Play Award 1999. Humble Boy won…

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