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The Last Act

Brad Parks

A desperate actor accepts the most dangerous role of his life, in the thrilling new page-turner from Brad Parks, perfect for fans of John Grisham, Harlan Coben and Linwood Barclay

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‘A superb, highly original thriller with a terrific premise. I loved it.’ PETER JAMES

Former Broadway star Tommy Jump isn’t getting the roles he once did; as his final run as Sancho Panza draws to a close, Tommy is getting ready to give up the stage, find a steady paycheck, and settle down with his fiancée. Cue Special Agent Danny Ruiz. An old school friend of Tommy’s, now with the FBI, Ruiz makes Tommy an offer that sounds too good to refuse. All Tommy has to do is spend six months in prison, acting as failed bank robber ‘Pete Goodrich’. Inside, he must find and befriend Mitchell Dupree, who has hidden a secret cache of documents incriminating enough to take down New Colima, one of Mexico’s largest drug cartels. If Tommy can get Dupree to reveal where the documents are hidden, the FBI will give him $300,000. More than enough to jumpstart a new life. But does he have what it takes to pull off this one final role?

Critic Reviews

A Brad Parks novel offers two pleasures. One is watching a stunning talent at work. The other—operating almost apart from the first—is getting wrapped in the coils of a fiendishly clever thriller.

Critic Reviews

The setup is so patient and the logistics so matter-of-fact that even the savviest readers will be caught in the story's expertly laid traps before they know what's happening.

Critic Reviews

With The Last Act, Parks conjures meth, murder, and musical theater into a remarkable turn of crime fiction magic.

Reed Farrel Coleman, New York Times bestselling author
Critic Reviews

A perfect piece of entertainment.

Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author
Critic Reviews

‘An entertaining novel . . . there are twists and turns to add to the thrills and the dénouement is satisfying . Parks’ latest act, is well worth seeking out.’

Critic Reviews

‘His best yet. . . a roller-coaster plot that serves up endless surprises. Whatever you think is coming next probably isn’t.’

Washington Post

Brad Parks received the Shamus (Best Private Eye) and Nero (Best American Mystery) for his debut novel, Faces of the Gone, the first book to take both awards. For subsequent books in his Carter Ross series he won a Lefty and a further Shamus (Best Hardcover Novel). Before starting his career as a novelist, Parks spent a dozen years as…

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