In My Mind’s Eye

Jan Morris

A treat for fans of Alan Bennett’s diaries and the works of Bill Bryson and Diana Athill.

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‘Morris is one of Britain’s greatest living writers.’ The Times

‘Fascinating … valuable and rare. This book is a writer’s constitutional.’ Kate Kellaway, Observer

‘I have never before in my life kept a diary of my thoughts, and here at the start of my ninth decade, having for the moment nothing much else to write, I am having a go at it. Good luck to me…’

So begins this extraordinary book, a collection of diary pieces that Jan Morris wrote for the Financial Times over the course of 2017.

A former soldier and journalist, and one of the great chroniclers of the world for over half a century, she writes here in her characteristically intimate voice – funny, perceptive, wise, touching, wicked, scabrous, and above all, kind – about her thoughts on the world, and her own place in it as she turns ninety. From cats to cars, travel to home, music to writing, it’s a cornucopia of delights from a unique literary figure.

Critic Reviews

Morris is one of Britain's greatest living writers.

Robbie Millen, The Times
Critic Reviews

In My Mind’s Eye is a lovely book, halfway between a diary and a volume of brief essays, a book that has a gentle, haunting tone. It will remind us of what a good, wise and witty companion Jan Morris has been for so many readers for so long.

Alexander McCall Smith, New York Times
Critic Reviews

A thing of wonder: a diary of daily musings with zero pretension. It is light yet profound, ecstatic yet melancholy, ethereal yet droll.

Hermione Eyre, Evening Standard
Critic Reviews

How does one write well? How do you become A Writer?...I have a new answer to that question. Read this book.

Horatio Clare, Caught by the River
Critic Reviews

Captivating ... it kept this reader nodding and chuckling along to the last page. After closing the book I felt bereft of Morris' company and her chummy, conversational style.

Susan Flockhart, Sunday Herald
Critic Reviews

A splendidly quirky confection which mixes the trivial with the serious, like life.

Sara Wheeler, Literary Review

Jan Morris was born in 1926 of a Welsh father and an English mother. She spent the last years of her life with her partner Elizabeth Morris in the top left-hand corner of Wales, between the mountains and the sea. Her books include Coronation Everest, Venice, the Pax Britannica trilogy and Conundrum. She was also the author of six books…

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