Funeral Rites

Jean Genet

A beautiful new edition of Jean Genet’s classic work — part of a revitalising repackage of all of Genet’s novels for 2019.

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Jean Genet, French playwright, novelist and poet, turned the experiences in his life amongst pimps, whores, thugs and other fellow social outcasts into a poetic literature, with an honesty and explicitness unprecedented at the time. Widely considered an outstanding and unique figure in French literature, Genet wrote five novels between 1942 and 1947, now being republished by Faber & Faber in beautiful new paperback editions.

Jean Genet began to write his third novel in 1943, but it was to be changed utterly by the death of Jean Decarnin. Genet’s sensual and brutal portrait of the Second World War unfolds between the poles of his grief for his lover Jean, killed in the Resistance during the liberation of Paris, and his perverse attraction to the collaborator Riton. Powerfully written, and with moments of great poetic subtlety, Funeral Rites is a dark meditation on the mirror images of love and hate, sex and death.

Includes a new introduction by Neil Bartlett.

Critic Reviews

Genet’s Ars Poetica . . . A dazzling masterwork.

New York Times Book Review
Critic Reviews

Funeral Rites is quite possible an evil book. It is clearly a brilliant book . . . a seminal document in the development of one of the most important literary imaginations of our time.

Washington Post
Critic Reviews

In the most literal sense of the phrase, Genet is a writer who has the courage of his convictions. Out of the lives of criminals, and following a tradition in French literature, he has built an erotic mystique, even a kind of metaphysic.

V. S. Pritchett

Jean Genet was born in Paris in 1910. An illegitimate child who never knew his parents, he was abandoned to the Public Assistance Authorities. He was ten when he was sent to a reformatory for stealing; thereafter he spent time in the prisons of nearly every country he visited in thirty years of prowling through the European underworld. With ten…

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