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The Normans in the South, 1016-1130

John Julius Norwich

A new paperback edition of the epic story of the Normans in Sicily, volume I — previously published in Faber Finds.

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Chronicling the ‘other Norman invasion’, The Normans in the South is the epic story of the House of Hauteville, and in particular Robert Guiscard, perhaps the most extraordinary European adventurer between the times of Caesar and Napoleon. In one year, 1084, he had both the Eastern and Western Emperors retreating before him and one of the most formidable of medieval Popes in his power. His brother, Roger, helped him to conquer Sicily from the Saracens, and his nephew Roger II went on to create the cosmopolitan kingdom whose remaining monuments still dazzle us today. The Normans in the South is the first of two volumes that recount an extraordinary chapter in Italian history.

Critic Reviews

Diligence, narrative skill, and a scholarship fired by enthusiasm.

Sunday Telegraph
Critic Reviews

Instructive throughout, as well as consistently entertaining.

New York Times Book Review
Critic Reviews

I found the book very enjoyable indeed. It is beautifully written.

Nancy Mitford
John JuliusNorwich

John Julius Norwich was born in 1929. He joined the British Foreign Service after studying French and Russian at Oxford, and left the service in 1964 to become a writer. He has also worked extensively in radio and television, hosting the popular BBC radio panel game My Word! for several years, and writing and presenting historical documentaries. His many books…

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