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The Kingdom in the Sun, 1130-1194

John Julius Norwich

A new paperback edition of the epic story of the Normans in Sicily, volume II — previously published in Faber Finds.

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When on Christmas Day, 1130, Roger de Hauteville was crowned first King of Sicily, the island entered a golden age. Norman and Italian, Greek and Arab, Lombard, Englishman and Jew all contributed to a culture that was fantastically cosmopolitan; and to an atmosphere of racial and religious toleration unparalleled in Europe. But sixty-four years later, to the day, when the bastard King Tancred was defeated, the sun set on the Sicilian Kingdom. In this second volume of John Julius Norwich’s scintillating history of the Normans in Sicily, Norwich describes the ‘happiest and most glorious chapter of the island’s history.’

Critic Reviews

As a historian Lord Norwich knows what matters. As a writer he has a taste for beauty, a love of language and an enlivening wit.

Hugh Trevor-Roper
Critic Reviews

Lord Norwich has a gift of historical perspective, as we as clarity and wit. Few can tell a good story better than he.

J.G. Links, Spectator
Critic Reviews

A writer effervescing with insight and affection.

Washington Post
John JuliusNorwich

John Julius Norwich was born in 1929. He joined the British Foreign Service after studying French and Russian at Oxford, and left the service in 1964 to become a writer. He has also worked extensively in radio and television, hosting the popular BBC radio panel game My Word! for several years, and writing and presenting historical documentaries. His many books…

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John JuliusNorwich