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1,423 QI Facts to Bowl You Over

John Mitchinson

Bizarre, astonishing, conversation-starting facts from the clever clogs at the hugely popular BBC quiz show QI. This is the sixth book in the bestselling series.

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‘I love these books … the best books ever. Brilliant’ Chris Evans

The sixth book in the bestselling series brings bizarre, astonishing, conversation-starting facts from the clever clogs at the hugely popular BBC quiz show QI.

Did you know that:

Iceland imports ice cubes.

A group of ladybirds is called a loveliness.

It is illegal in Saudi Arabia to name a child Sandi.

Eight billion particles of fog can fit into a teaspoon.

People who read books live longer than people who don’t.

Prince Philip was born on a kitchen table in Corfu.

No human beings have ever had sex in space.

Netfiix’s biggest competitor is sleep.

Mice sigh up to 40 times an hour.

Critic Reviews

'I love these books ... the best books ever. Brilliant'

Chris Evans
Critic Reviews

'A fantastic collection of pithy conversation starting facts.'

Charlie Higson
Critic Reviews

'Fascinating ... The answers to the questions you never even thought to ask.'

Daily Mail
Critic Reviews

'Intriguing, hilarious and downright surprising little nuggets of information.'

Daily Mirror
Critic Reviews

‘QI at its best is sort of what television is about … when I watch the show when I’m - you know when I’m not on it - I’ll watch it and you find it's just time spent in good company.’

Jimmy Carr
Critic Reviews

'We, generally, as people, humans, retain far more information than we’re actually aware of on a daily basis. And what this programme does, is actually by a series of sort of randomly opening doors and switching on and off of synapses unlocks all this information that hitherto you probably didn’t even know you knew.

Bill Bailey

John Mitchinson is from the world of books. The original Marketing Director of Waterstone’s, he became Managing Director of Cassell, where he published The Beatles, Michael Palin and Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, and now runs Unbound. He’s with Einstein: ‘There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other…

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