Matt Millz

Harry Hill
Illustrated by Steve May

A comic caper that every 9-11 year old aspiring comedian will love, packed full of heart, humour and dos and don’ts!

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Open with your best gag. Finish with your second best.
Make sure your face matches the material.
Sell your routine . . .

Matt Millz LOVES stand up comedy. He’s studied the best. He’s memorized all the advice. He spends hours writing new gags and thinking up crazy sketches . . . So when the school run a talent contest, of course he’s going to enter.

What he doesn’t count on is:
Last minute total meltdown
His best mate pulling out zero seconds before going on
Teeny tiny Kitty Hope and her own bonkers ambitions
His stepdad’s own ‘funny’ ideas
And headmaster, Meredith Pavey, who very definitely has it in for him.

Comedy gold from a comedy genius.

Critic Reviews

Heard the one about the comedian who wrote a really impressive children’s book? I’m not sure I had — but that has all changed now, thanks to Harry Hill. Hill seems to know instinctively what makes kids crack up ... this has been written with love and care — crafted for children rather than his ego. Applause.

The Times (Children's Book of the Week)
Critic Reviews

A genuinely funny take on comedy and talent shows, written with great heart.

Critic Reviews

A funny and brilliant book by a comic genius.

Matt Lucas
Critic Reviews

Strangely and funnily enough, probably the definitive book about being a stand-up comedian.

Jack Dee
Critic Reviews

Matt Mills is a 12 year old stand up comic who’s really funny … I wanted to hate the little upstart, but he’s rather charming. Grrrr! I like this book because it’s funny, fascinating ... and I’m in it.

Jo Brand
Critic Reviews

This book defies gravity in its wonder. A magnetic toilet read.

Vic Reeves

Harry Hill is a BAFTA winning comedian and world class swingball player. Born in Woking in 1964, he holds a medical degree from the University of London. His books include Flight from Deathrow and Tim the Tiny Horse. He has been a stand-up since the early 90s, and TV shows he’s created and starred in include Harry Hill’s TV Burp…

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