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Terrence Malick

Daniele Villa

This brilliant and essential guide to the award-winning director of Days of Heaven and Badlands is now available in paperback.

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Terrence Malick’s debut film, Badlands, announced the arrival of a unique talent. In the 40 years since that debut, Malick has only made 5 films, but they are distinctive in their beauty.

This book is not meant to be a biography of Terrence Malick. The purpose behind the book is to introduce readers to the extraordinary universe of his film-making and to aid them in understanding his work. And to do this through the words of his closest collaborators – cinematographers, set designers, costumers, cameramen, directors, producers, and actors such as Sean Penn, Martin Sheen, Sissy Spacek and Jessica Chastain. As their words flow from one to another, they form a fascinating, kaleidoscopic vision of American film and specifically Malick’s artistic world. who make up a film.

This book is the fruit of a journey began years ago when Luciano Baracaroli, Carlo Hintermann, Gerardo Panichi and Daniele Villa made a documentary on the work of Terrence Malick, which led to the making of this book as well.

Critic Reviews

This new book, put together by admiring young Italian film-makers, has found the right approach ... Explicitly not a biography, it is instead a medley of interviews and memoirs about working with Malick ... Mostly, though, it's telling practicalities, for it is a peculiarity of Malick's methods that he does not instruct even his actors about the meaning of their roles ... before [Jessica Chastain] auditioned for him, she watched all his films, which she already loved, "in chronological order again - to get a feeling of his world; I recommend it to everyone to watch all his movies again one after the other." So here's a plan for the dark days: get this tactful but highly informative book, get the films, and do just that, reading its chapters as you go.

Evening Standard
Critic Reviews

[A] detailed read ... told through quotes from these who worked with the maverick ... An untangling insight into one of cinemas greatest enigmas.

Sunday Times
Critic Reviews

The wonder of Terrence Malick. His extraordinary films show the beauty and violence at the heart of nature.

Sameer Rahim, Prospect
Critic Reviews

On the basis that Terrence Malick's films are best experienced, not explained, his and his film's mysteries are well sustained in this interview collection. Malick mavens Sam Shepard and Jack Fisk paint eloquent portraits of a man in rigorous pursuit of an elusive "magic", Sean Penn and Richard Gere praise those mellifluous "Malick moments", while Jessica Chastain concludes wisely: 'Watch all his movies again...".

Total Film
Critic Reviews

An enjoyable collection of interviews, memories and testimonials from actors and key collaborators, the book charts the continuing growth of Malick's vision, exploring his obsessions with identity, family, the natural world and the human condition through the stories of those closest to him ... accessible, conversational ... [Terence Malick: Rehearsing the Unexpected] is full of telling detail and new insight.

Sunday Business Post
Critic Reviews

As Malick is notoriously publicity shy - he is rarely photographed, let alone interviewed - this is as close to his creative process as we can hope to get.

Catholic Herald

Daniele Villa, Carlo Hintermann, Luciano Baracaroli, and Gerardo Panichi worked together in the Italian publishing house Ubulibri under the guidance of the late Franco Quadri. After having edited books on Otar Ioseliani, David Lynch and Takeshi Kitano, they chose to make a documentary about Terrence Malick since his films served as a prism through which they could view American cinema.They…

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