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The Kitty Peck Mysteries

Kate Griffin

Brought together for the first time, the first two books in the Kitty Peck series are perfect for lovers of Victorian mystery and crime.

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Kitty Peck is taking on the underworld of London’s East End…

The Music Hall Murders:
It’s 1880 and dancing girls are going missing from ‘Paradise’ – the criminal manor run with ruthless efficiency by the ferocious Lady Ginger. The Lady devises a singular scheme to discover the secret to the mystery, and suddenly seventeen-year-old music hall seamstress Kitty Peck is drawn into a web of blackmail, depravity and murder. Bold, impetuous and blessed with more brains than she cares to admit, Kitty, with the help of her stagehand friend, Lucca, is left to unravel the truth and ensure that more girls do not meet with a similar fate.

The Child of Ill-Fortune:
A year later, and Kitty Peck is the reluctant heiress to ‘Paradise’. Far from the colour and camaraderie of the music hall where Kitty had been working, this new position brings with it isolation and uncertainty. Desperate to reconnect with Joey, her estranged brother, Kitty travels to Paris, but the joy of the reunion is overshadowed by his request for her to take a child back to London. Within days of her return it’s clear that someone has followed them – and that this someone is determined to kill the child, along with anyone who stands in their way…

Critic Reviews

Victorian London has never been better illustrated... if this standard keeps up, we have a major new talent on our hands.

Virginia Blackburn, Sunday Express
Critic Reviews

[Griffin's] hugely entertaining debut, set in the squalor, filth and depravity of Victorian Limehouse is all things to all readers - almost gothic in its intensity, but full of shades of dark and light, combining the macabre and wit of the music halls with a rattling action yarn... the book is an absolutely first class read and I shall be surprised if there's a better debut this year.

Crime Review
Critic Reviews

Kitty's narrative voice... is sharply memorable and deserves to be heard in a further adventure.

Nick Rennison, Sunday Times
Critic Reviews

A twisting and turning historical thriller that captures the grit, grime and teeming life of 19th century London and Paris.

Daily Express
Critic Reviews

Griffin's authentic depiction of both the period and environs of Victorian London, you cannot help but be completely immersed in the penny dreadful atmosphere of the novel...Tremendous fun.

Crime Fiction Lover
Critic Reviews

A top whodunnit.

Essentials magazine

Kate Griffin’s first book Kitty Peck and the Music Hall Murders won the Faber/Stylist crime competition and was shortlisted for a CWA dagger. This is her third novel featuring Kitty Peck. Kate works for The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and lives just outside London., Kate Griffin was born within the sound of Bow bells, making her a…

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