Translated by Ivanka Hahnenberger

The internationally bestselling graphic novel, an official selection at France’s prestigious Angoulême International Comics Festival

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On a tiny lighthouse island far from the rest of the world, a hermit lives out his existence. Every week a supply boat leaves provisions, yet the fishermen never leave their boat, and never meet him.
Years spent on this deserted rock, with imagination his sole companion, has made the lighthouse keeper something more than alone, something else entirely. For him, what lies beyond the horizon might be… nothing. And so, why would you ever want to leave? But, one day, as curiosity gets the better of him, a new boatman steps onto the island…
Intertwining tenderness, despair, and humour, Alone captures how someone can be an everyman, and every man is someone.

Critic Reviews

This small, graceful story becomes a lush fairy tale through Chabouté’s stunning black-and-white art . . . Widely regarded as his masterpiece. It’s a visually stunning humanist fable.

Publishers Weekly (starred review)
Critic Reviews

Chabouté uses acute detail and tactile, sensual black lines to carve an expansive vision from confined spaces, and draws a deep emotional reservoir from simple actions, tiny moments, and small gestures. This kind of pacing and focus creates resonant, textured space, both physical and emotional, and turns a story filled with gothic trappings into something strikingly poignant.

Booklist (starred review)
Critic Reviews

[A] beautifully illustrated and carefully paced tale filled with equal parts sadness, humour, and tender moments of human connection that examines the powers of creative limitations, made all the more memorable for its minimal dialog.’ this ultimately moving story about an unlikely and surprisingly inspiring protagonist is sure to be embraced by all readers.

Library Journal
Critic Reviews

A visually poetic, thought-provoking tale of how isolation contrasts with the rich realm of the imagination ... The result is a wistful and evocative story that explores the power of the imagination and a yearning for connection.

Shelf Awareness
Critic Reviews

‘Alone occupies that beautiful space in the world of stories that arguably can only really be filled by graphic novels. . . Chabouté’s stunning pen and ink illustration is all about contrast, beautifully and consistently presented on every page of the book.’

Critic Reviews

Alone is an intoxicating experience, a fully realised world, nuanced and particular, moving and sweet . . . fable-like in its simplicity.


Christophe Chabouté was born in Alsace and studied Fine Arts at Angoulême and then Strasbourg. He is the author of many books, including The Park Bench (2017) and Alone, which Faber will publish in 2018.

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