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Chester Parsons is Not a Gorilla

Martyn Ford

Of all the things Chester Parsons thought he’d be famous for, being stuck inside a gorilla’s mind was not one of them!

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When Chester discovers he can mind jump, his sister Amy wastes no time in putting his new skills to work boosting the viewing figures on her video blog. And when a TV company takes them global, he does his most daring mind jump yet, into the brain of Tito the gorilla. The trouble is, when he tries to return to his own body – it’s gone!

Has it been stolen? But who would want it, and why? And how come Chester suddenly has the urge to search Amy’s hair for fleas? The quest to find the answers takes him on a journey beyond his wildest imagination…

A fast-paced, mind-boggling and hilarious yet thought-provoking read from the author of The Imagination Box series.

Critic Reviews

Funny and surreal! My class have often gasped, laughed, and chuckled as I read this story to them. The storyline feels unusually unique! A great read!

Harriers, age 7 to 9, Toppsta
Critic Reviews

I would certainly recommend it to anyone aged 9+ as it is great fun and highly engaging.

Edie May, age 11, Toppsta
Critic Reviews

This book I would definitely recommend 100 percent. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

Otter Class, age 10 to 11, Toppsta
Critic Reviews

I loved this book. It has all the good bits of his other books and more. This a wonderful, light hearted adventure for all the family.

Westy, age 13, Toppsta
Critic Reviews

Recommended for confident middle-grade readers looking for a more challenging plot.


Martyn Ford is a 28-year-old journalist from Hampshire, where he writes for the Bordon Herald. His first book, It Happened to Me, a collection of shocking true stories, was published in 2010 by Summersdale. In 2011 Martyn’s TV script was in the finals of the BBC Laughing Stock Competition and he has since been in talks with the BBC about…

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