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A Very Private Life

Michael Frayn

A Very Private Life by Michael Frayn follows a young girl as she ventures into a frightening dystopian world riven with inequality and division.With a new introduction by the author.

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‘Easily the most original thing Frayn has done . . . written with elegant simplicity.’ New Statesman

Uncumber lives at a time in the distant future when all humanity is divided in two – the Insiders and the Outsiders. The Insiders are privileged, with their every need catered to by somatic drugs, three-dimensional holovision and a prolonged life. Uncumber lives in this luxurious world and is told that she must never go out into the dust and disease of the real world.

Uncumber, however, is haunted by a restless and inquisitive spirit. When she falls in love with an Outsider, she decides to go exploring …

‘A fairy tale of the future.’ Guardian


Michael Frayn was born in London in 1933 and began his career as a journalist on the Guardian and the Observer. His novels include Towards the End of the Morning, Headlong, Spies and Skios. His seventeen plays range from Noises Off, recently chosen as one of the nation’s three favourite plays, to Copenhagen, which won the 1998 Evening Standard Award…

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