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Hush Hush

Laura Lippman

New York Times bestseller Laura Lippman returns to one of American fiction’s most memorable Private Investigators, in a devastatingly powerful mystery.

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No one is quite who he or she seems. Hush Hush is the story of Melisandre – rich, beautiful, possibly insane – who has to live with the knowledge of a devastating event in her past. She has not seen her two daughters, now aged fifteen and seventeen, in the ten years since the notorious family tragedy. And her husband has moved on, married now to his personal trainer, and seemingly happy.

As Melisandre returns to Baltimore from South Africa, however, there are suddenly more mysterious deaths. And quite what did happen all that time ago has never been clear – what role had each of the members of this unhappy family played? And is anyone telling the truth?

Tess Monaghan, now the mother of a young girl herself, makes a return as the investigator who gets snared in the case. A hugely powerful and emotive novel about parents and children – about destructive parents who think they love their children and good parents whose children are the centre of their lives – it is also a superbly plotted mystery novel, one which will keep you hooked until the very final page.

Critic Reviews

'A humorous narrative belies the dark areas this clever thriller explores.'

Deirdre O'Brien, Sunday Mirror
Critic Reviews

'As a former journalist, Lippman's accurately captured the working of the media (all too rarely the case in crime novels) and she's just as confident with the intricacies of the legal process. The real success of this novel, though, is its honest portrayal of motherhood within an intricate plot that takes you steadily deeper into the secrets and lies of a wealthy American family. "Being a mother was like being trapped in the first 15 minutes of a horror film," is one character's take on the perpetual anxiety of caring for a baby.'

Crime Fiction Lover
Critic Reviews

'Laura Lippman has, for a couple of decades, been one of the most consistent and rewarding crime writers around, garnering acclaim but somehow never getting fully into the headlight lesser talents have occupied...Navigating a maelstrom of feelings and emotions, Tess has to face difficult questions and situations as she gets to grips with the case and mines sensitive psychological depths with pinpoint generosity and acuity. A welcome back to a favourite character after several years of stand alone titles.'

Maxim Jakubowski, Lovereading
Critic Reviews

'Overall then a terrific character driven mystery story that will keep you turning those pages until the final revelations - the subject matter is horrific but handled with grace and authenticity whilst still being a fantastic crime fiction novel.'

Liz Loves Books
Critic Reviews

'Hush Hush is cleverly told, often via chunks of interview transcript from the documentary. Dawes and Monaghan are poles apart, but Lippman unites them to make salient points about the invidious labeling of women as good or bad mothers. It's refreshing how chaotic and ordinary Lippman allows Monaghan to be, without ever making her boring.'

John O'Connell, Guardian
Critic Reviews

'As in all her novels, Lippman delivers a first-class mystery, but there are also plenty of intelligent insights into damaged individuals and family dynamics.'

Carla McKay, Daily Mail

Laura Lippman’s novels have won many crime fiction prizes, including the Edgar, Anthony and Agatha Awards. Sunburn (2018), her second consecutive novel to win the eDunnit Award at Crimefest, was also nominated for the CWA Gold Dagger Award and was a Waterstones Book of the Month. Her 2019 novel Lady in the Lake featured in numerous Best of Year Lists,…

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