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The Act of Roger Murgatroyd

Gilbert Adair

A wonderfully entertaining homage both to the Golden Age of English murder mysteries and to its most brilliant practitioner, Agatha Christie

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Boxing Day circa 1935. A snowed-in manor on the very edge of Dartmoor. A Christmas house-party. And overhead, in the attic, the dead body of Raymond Gentry, gossip columnist and blackmailer, shot through the heart. But the attic door is locked from the inside, its sole window is traversed by thick iron bars and, naturally, there is no sign of a murderer or a murder weapon.

Fortunately (though, for the murderer, unfortunately), one of the guests is the formidable Evadne Mount, the bestselling author of countless classic whodunits. In fact, were she not its presiding sleuth, THE ACT OF ROGER MURGATROYD is exactly the type of whodunit she herself might have written.

Critic Reviews

A lighthearted little treat

Time Out
Critic Reviews

Intelligent ... proudly written in the style of Agatha Christie ... while the plot stands on its own, its real brilliance is its sly winks to the Queen of Crime herself ... the final plot twist is superb, in the Christie tradition. Beautifully written, this is a witty, enjoyable novel

The Express
Critic Reviews

This is a delicious confection; an expert pastiche full of clever jokes and a gripping murder mystery. Adair provides a perfect tribute to Christie in every respect save one: it is far too well written.

Michael Arditti, London Lite
Critic Reviews

Delicious ... traditional, yet imbued with a tongue-in-cheek knowingness ... begin at page one and slowly marinade in the mystery, the quirkiness, the grandiloquence ... a time machine full of pleasures recalled and recognised ... best read in delicious sips, by a roaring fire with a glass of punch.

Critic Reviews

A rather good whodunnit ... Gilbert Adair is a writer of high quality .. a better writer than John Dickson Carr or Agatha Christie, the main objects of his enjoyable tribute ... a delightful entertainment.

Marcel Berlins, The Times
Critic Reviews

An intelligent caper around the timeworn scenario of the 1930s English Country house murder mystery ... Adair has produced a witty piece of fun - unserious but well written, witha gentle undercurrent of literary game-playing.


Gilbert Adair has published novels, essays, translations, children’s books and poetry. He has also written screenplays, including The Dreamers from his own novel for Bernardo Bertolucci.

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