The Goblin Princess: The Grand Goblin Ball

Jenny O’Connor
Illustrated by Kate Willis-Crowley

A funny, unique princess story – about a goblin princess who is too nice to be a goblin and who lives in a world where being good mannered, clean and good are frowned upon!

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No ordinary princess, no ordinary ball…

Matty and her pet dragon live a funny, topsy turvy kind of life, in a world where being well mannered, good, clean and tidy is much frowned upon. As preparations for the Goblin ball get underway – the cobwebs are hung, the dirt swept in – Matty comes to hear of a band of Hobgoblins on the prowl …. She and her pet dragon must come to the rescue to ensure the success of the ball!

For little girls who are used to the usual fare of pink and pretty perfection, this new series sits somewhere between Enid Blyton, Rainbow Magic and Shrek and will delight five year olds and upwards.

Critic Reviews

Children will love a world where good manners are frowned upon, being as dirty as possible is a very good thing and food fights are an accepted party game.

Critic Reviews

Sure to keep new readers enthralled.

Guardian Best New Children's Books

Jenny O’Connor lives on a Shropshire smallholding with her comic-strip writing partner and two alpacas. After studying Drama at university, she has worked in magazine publishing ever since. The Goblin Princess: Smoky the Dragon Baby was her first book.

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