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Archie Greene and the Raven’s Spell

D. D. Everest
Illustrated by James de la Rue

The fantastic conclusion to the magical Archie Greene series – with plenty of last twists in store

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The fantastic conclusion to the magical Archie Greene series – with plenty of last twists in store

Inside the Scriptorium in the Museum of Magical Miscellany, a black flame flickered across an open page. The letters of the spell twisted and distorted in the dark fire until there was nothing left but cinders.

Archie and the Alchemist’s Club have been rewriting the magical spells contained within books, but someone is drawing on their power for evil purposes. The museum Elders confirm that their worst fears have come true – the Dark Flame is rising, and they can only stop it by uncovering Fabian Grey’s prophecy. Archie vows to help – but is he more closer to the prophecy than he knows? And who is behind the mysterious notes for him, labelled F. G, and with the sign of a raven? With traitors at the museum, and dark magic on the rise, it will be up to Archie to uncover his destiny, protect his friends, and save magic as he knows it.

Critic Reviews

You’ve read all the Harry Potter books thrice and nothing else will do. You can’t get a ticket to the new West End play this summer, or next, or ever. Relax, there is a new series out there for you — and this is the second book in it. These stories by DD Everest, a former financial journalist, have a nostalgic feel to them (the dust jacket is very Tintin). This is a cracking tale of magic and mayhem for 9 to 12-year-olds that has Archie, the flame keeper, a guardian of magical books, at its core.

The Times
D. D.Everest

D. D. Everest is a successful business journalist and author who has written a number of adult non-fiction books. Archie Greene and the Raven’s Spell is the third book in the Archie Greene Trilogy. He lives with his family in a rambling Victorian house on the Ashdown Forest. http://ddeverest.com/

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D. D.Everest