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The Consolations of Economics

Gerard Lyons

In The Consolation of Economics, Gerard Lyons, the chief economic adviser to Boris Johnson, outlines a fascinating and refreshing examination of the changing global economy. He predicts stronger economic growth and a rise in life expectancy, income and educational standards.

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In the next twenty years the world economy will enjoy one of its strongest periods of growth. Greater innovation and technical change will increase opportunities. Life expectancy, income and educational standards will rise. The West’s share in the global economic cake may get smaller, but there will be more cake than ever before.

These are the predictions of Gerard Lyons, a leading international economist who spent nearly thirty years working in the City. He is now the chief economic adviser to the Mayor of London. Over the last quarter-century he has been ahead of the game in predicting the major economic trends that we now take as a given.

The Consolations of Economics is a lucid and accessible expert’s attempt to look objectively at the changing global economy – what is happening and what it means. He shows how we can embrace change, rather than hide from it. The results are fascinating, refreshing – and unusually cheering.

Critic Reviews

The best new book for that post-lunch siesta ... a blast of Anglo-Saxon common sense after the maunderings of French gloomadon popper Thomas Piketty.

Boris Johnson, Best Beach Reads, Daily Mail
Critic Reviews

A jargon-free analysis of what might lie ahead, backed up by the common sense that comes from a combination of astute observation and practical experience.

Irwin Stelzer, Sunday Times
Critic Reviews

A most readable account of decades of economic policies and events, and his subtitle, How We Will All Benefit from the New World Order, is a welcome counterblast against the prevailing orthodoxy.'

William Keegan, The Observer
Critic Reviews

Gerald Lyons's solid and convincingly optimistic perspective is a welcome counterpoint to the narrow concerns about both the overall decline of the West and the growing inequalities within the developed world.

Hamish McRae, The Independent

Gerard Lyons is an expert on the world economy, macro-economic policy and financial markets. He spent twenty-seven years in the City and meeting politicians, policymakers and investors across the globe. Now he is Chief Economic Adviser to Boris Johnson. He is widely credited with accurate forecasts before the financial crisis, and has regularly topped forecasting polls. He has testified to…

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