In the Republic of Happiness

Martin Crimp

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– What’re you doing here Robert?
– Well to be frank with you, I’ve really no idea. I thought I would just suddenly appear, so I did. I suddenly appeared.

A family Christmas is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Uncle Bob. Who is he? Why has he come? Why does his wife stay out in the car? And what is the meaning of his long and outrageous message? All we can be sure of is that the world will never be the same again.

A provocative roll-call of contemporary obsessions, In the Republic of Happiness premiered at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in December 2012.

Critic Reviews

Absurdist and strangely gripping... Crimp's unhinged structures are potently dreamlike, startlingly comical, and disturbing.

Independent on Sunday
Critic Reviews

Crimp goes so far as to call it "an entertainment in three parts," and it rocks along like a dystopian vaudeville conceived in an unlikely alliance of Alan Ayckbourn, Harold Pinter and Caryl Churchil . . . The actors are imprisoned and liberated at once, their strange between-worlds condition a source of joy, intemperateness and above all a care for our diversion. Add it all up, I'm not sure what you get. But as it goes by, it's the most tremendous fun for 100 minutes, my favourite play of the year.

What’s on Stage
Critic Reviews

If you're looking for something really, truly, alternative to see over the holidays, look no further than the hallucinogenic otherness of Martin Crimp's new drama... This oblique attack on the cult of positive thinking is Crimp taken to the max: hilarious, playful cryptic and maddening.

Time Out
Critic Reviews

Brilliantly satirises our contemporary preoccupation with individualism, entitlement, narcissism eternal youth and the notion that restraint is dead and that opinions - no matter how banal - must be stated loud and clear for all the world to hear.

Mail on Sunday

Martin Crimp was born in 1956. His play Attempts on Her Life (1997) established his international reputation. His other work for theatre includes Not One of These People, When We Have Sufficiently Tortured Each Other, Men Asleep, The Rest Will be Familiar to You from Cinema, In the Republic of Happiness, Play House, The City, Fewer Emergencies, Cruel and Tender,…

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