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From Quantum to Cosmos

Neil Turok

In From Quantum to Cosmos: The Universe Within, by Neil Turok, one of the world’s leading and most inspirational scientists makes the case that a quantum revolution is about to supersede our digital age.

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In this visionary book, Neil Turok explores the great discoveries of the past three centuries – from the classical mechanics of Newton; to the nature of light; to the bizarre world of the quantum; to the evolution of the cosmos; and even the recent findings of Higgs bosons at the Large Hadron Collider.

Each new discovery has, over time, yielded new technologies that have transformed society. Now, he argues, we are on the cusp of another major change: the coming quantum revolution that will supplant our digital age. Facing this new world, Turok calls for creatively re-inventing the way advanced knowledge is developed and shared, and opening access to the vast, untapped pools of intellectual talent in the developing world. Scientific research, training, and outreach are vital to our future economy, as well as powerful forces for peaceful global progress.

Elegantly written and highly inspirational, The Universe Within is, above all, about the future – of science, of society, and of ourselves.

Critic Reviews

Diverse and fascinating.

New Humanist
Critic Reviews

Possibly the most readable account available of the search for the fundamentals of nature from Newton's laws to Higgs fields and cosmic inflation.

BBC Focus
Critic Reviews

From Quantum to Cosmos does deliver ... Turok deftly and eloquently links physicist to physicist, explaining how each discovery was inspired by past findings and led to new thinking ... An innovative way of telling the story of physics, getting across a lot of Turok's personality and opinion along the way.

Astronomy Now