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Projections 10

Mike Figgis

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Mike Figgis has always been intrigued by the workings of the Hollywood System. As he progressed from his acclaimed US debut Internal Affairs, through hellish studio wrangles on Mr. Jones, to Oscar-laurelled success with Leaving Las Vegas, Figgis always wanted to find a way to document the mores of the Hollywood industry, before it could swallow him whole. For Projections, he accepted an invitation to return to LA in late 1998 and create just such a document. In conversation with established players such as Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster and Jerry Bruckheimer, plus ascending talents such as Salma Hayek and Paul Thomas Anderson, Figgis paints a refreshingly honest but unmistakably dark portrait of an industry where money does more than talk.

Mike Figgis’s witnesses include Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, Mickey Rourke, Nastassja Kinski, Elizabeth Shue, Salma Hayek, Paul Thomas Anderson, Jerry Bruckheimer and many more . . .


Mike Figgis is the renowned film-maker and musician whose career began with the People Show in the 1970s. His film credits include Stormy Monday, Internal Affairs, Miss Julie, Timecode and Hotel. He received Oscar nominations for Best Director and Best Screenplay for Leaving Las Vegas. His photographs have been displayed at galleries throughout the world, and he has created installations…

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