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Australia 55

Alan Ross

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Alan Ross (1922-2001) – distinguished poet, travel writer, and editor of London Magazine – also managed to excel in the role of cricket correspondent for the Observer, in which capacity he followed England/MCC on tours of Australia, South Africa and the West Indies. In the book-length accounts he published of these tours, his lifelong love of the game found glorious expression. Australia 55 offers Ross’s perspectives on the battle for the Ashes, the visiting side led by Len Hutton, and Ross’s own vivid first impressions of the host country.

‘The massive fluctuations of the series – England, overwhelmed in Brisbane, won in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide to retain the Ashes – engaged [Ross’s] interest; his fascination with Len Hutton, a ‘lonely figure struck down by as many disasters as any overworked hero in Greek mythology’, deepened…’
Gideon Haigh, Cricinfo


Alan Ross (1922-2001) was a poet, writer, journalist, editor and publisher. In fact, he was a man of letters par excellence. Born in India, educated in England, he joined the Royal Navy in the Second World War and endured the Arctic convoys to Russia. Alan Ross took over The London Magazine (the definite article was later dropped) from John Lehmann…

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