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Mark Only

T. F. Powys
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‘Heavy clouds darkened the Dodderdown Church one Sunday in December. There was a baptism in progress that afternoon.’ A little later on, ‘What name?’ he asked crossly. ‘Mark’ replied Mr Andrews, and then added a little louder, ‘Mark only.’ . . . . ‘Mark Only, I baptize thee in the name of the Holy Ghost.’ A mistake, of course, but this accident of nomenclature sets the principal character on a life of misfortune.
Faber Finds are reissuing six works by T. F. Powys: Mr Tasker’s Gods, Mark Only, Mockery Gap, Innocent Birds, Fables and God’s Eyes A-Twinkle.

T. F.Powys

T. F. Powys (1875-1953), novelist and short-story writer, belonged to one of the most remarkable literary families. Among his brothers were John Cowper Powys (also in Faber Finds) and Llewelyn Powys. His most famous novel is Mr Weston’s Good Wine, but he was a prolific author and Faber Finds are proud to be reissuing the following six works: Mr Tasker’s…

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T. F.Powys