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Alan Glynn

In Graveland – the final part of Alan Glynn’s spectacular loose-trilogy of conspiracy thrillers – someone is assassinating the most powerful players in the global financial markets.

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A Wall Street investment banker is shot dead while jogging in Central Park. Later that night, one of the savviest hedge-fund managers in the city is gunned down outside a fancy Upper West Side restaurant. Are these killings part of a coordinated terrorist attack, or just coincidence? Investigative journalist Ellen Dorsey has a hunch that it’s neither. Days later, when an attempt is made on the life of another CEO, the story blows wide open…

Racing to stay ahead of the curve, Ellen encounters Frank Bishop, a recession-hit architect, whose daughter has gone missing. The search for Lizzie and her boyfriend takes Frank and Ellen from a quiet campus to the blazing spotlight of a national media storm – and into the devastating crucible of a personal and a public tragedy.

Meanwhile, lurking in the shadows once again is James Vaughn, legendary CEO of private equity firm the Oberon Capital Group. Despite his failing health, Vaughan is refusing to give up control easily, and we soon see just how far-reaching and pervasive his influence really is.

Set deep in the place where corrupt global business and radical politics clash, Alan Glynn’s Graveland is an explosive and hugely topical thriller.

Critic Reviews

'Graveland paints wonderfully detailed characters on the broad canvas of greed, with a plot ripped from as-yet-unwritten but disturbingly credible headlines. A hugely relevant, undeniably compelling thriller.'

Critic Reviews

Glynn crafts a complex tale in which a host of disparate characters are skilfully interwoven, creating a story that is both a contemporary take on the timeless clash between the powerless many and the powerful few and a commentary on the perception, interpretation and manipulation of the narratives that shape our lives. On the one hand an invigorating slice of conspiracy noir, Graveland is simultaneously a heartbreaking account of the human cost of corporate greed.

Irish Times
Critic Reviews

A writer with a distinct voice and an extraordinary ability to generate pace and tension ... A gripping and cleverly constructed thriller. ... It is an eerily prescient read ...it really could have been torn from today's headlines.

Irish Independent
Critic Reviews

Set deep in the place where corrupt global business and radical politics clash, Alan Glynn's GRAVELAND is an explosive and hugely topical thriller.

Critic Reviews

Graveland is an excellent novel - smart and edgy, yet possessing real substance and depth. Glynn is fast becoming one of the best contemporary thriller writers around.

Critic Reviews

Glynn's uncannily perceptive eye remains completely focussed here, as he lifts up the rock of New York finance and exposes all the nasty creepy-crawlies underneath ... Glynn masterfully dips into three different storylines ... The way he brings his stories together is fantastic and original ... Disturbing yet utterly engrossing, this is a very modern, very original and very good thriller indeed.

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Alan Glynn is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, where he studied English Literature, and has worked in magazine publishing in New York and as an EFL teacher in Italy. His debut novel, The Dark Fields, was released in 2011 as the hit movie Limitless, which went to #1 on both sides of the Atlantic, and became a hit CBS…

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