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The Complete Book of Sisters

Luisa Dillner

An entertaining and touching look at sisterly love – from famous siblings through the ages, to the rows, rivalries and great friendships of sisterhood.

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A sister is for life: your best friend, or your worst enemy. She is the yardstick by which you measure how well you’re doing and the keeper of your family secrets. She may be the first person you rush to when something wonderful happens or the one whose shoulder you cry on. She’s the one you’re compared to and the one to compete with.

In this entertaining collection there are sisters ranging from the loving Brontës to the scrapping Mitfords (who could never remember who was in and who was out of favour), to the Pankhursts (who fought for women’s suffrage only to fall out with each other), to sisters of Lenin and Hitler, and of Kings and Queens. There are sisters whose job it is to compete with each other, such as Venus and Serena Williams. ‘It wasn’t fun eliminating my little sister, but I have to be tough’, said Venus.

A Lewis Carroll poem says, ‘never stew your sister’. If cooking her isn’t allowed, what is the worst thing you can do to your sister? If you want to make sure she’ll never forgive you, pinch her man or borrow her clothes.

Critic Reviews

This glorious exploration of sisterhood is a delight.

Critic Reviews

This pocket-sized book is a real treat. The whimsical cover and the sweet illustrations throughout mean its appearance alone makes it an ideal gift. But best of all it features touching and humourous tales of sisterhood over the centuries.

Critic Reviews

If I had a sister, I'd be giving her this. With literary references from the Brontes to Louisa May Alcott and perhaps the most famous sisters in history (who could fail to be inspired by Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy?). By the time i'd finished, I felt really sorry that i'm sister-free.

Critic Reviews

A light-hearted look at sisterly love - from famous siblings through the ages, to the rows, rivalries and great friendships of sisterhood. This entertaining collection features sisters ranging from the Brontes to the scrapping Mitfords, the Pankhursts, sisters of Lenin and Hitler, and those of the Kings and Queens.

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Luisa Dillner is the author of The Complete Book of Mothers-in-law and is a columnist for the Guardian. Her proper job is working on new ideasfor the British Medical Journal Publishing Group. She has been a contributor to many magazines and newspapers, including Vogue, Cosmopolitan and the Observer and has written a book about relationships based on her Guardian column…

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