Stanislavsky on the Art of the Stage

Konstantin Stanislavsky
Date Published
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Konstantin Stanislavsky is one of the colossi not simply of Russian, but American and European theatre. His reputation is based mainly on his famous theory of acting and its application in practice. This volume contains his posthumous work, The System and Methods of Creative Art, together with an introductory essay giving a careful exposition and a critical analysis of his ‘system’, and two appendices dealing with his views on stage ethics and melodrama. It provides an excellent opportunity for the study of ‘the essential Stanislavsky’ in a comprehensive and compact form.


Konstantin Stanislavsky (1863-1938) was a Russian actor and theatre director. His innovative contribution to modern European and American realistic acting has remained at the core of mainstream performance training. Stanislavsky organized his techniques into a coherent and usable system, which acquired an unprecedented ability to cross cultural boundaries and developed an international reach, dominating scholarship about acting in the West.

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