G.P. Taylor

A gripping adventure of night chases, double-crossings and weird magic from the bestselling author of Shadowmancer.

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Magnus Malachi, a magician, is guarding his latest moneyspinner – Tersias, a blind boy who can see into the future. But as Tersias’s powers become known, others who seek to use them are drawn from the shadows: Jonah, a teenage highwayman, and his companion in crime Tara; Solomon, a crazed zealot who has bred a new species of giant flesh-eating locusts; and Lord Malpas, a keeper of mysterious powers.

They all want Tersias – but is he a force for good or evil? And can he ever rid himself of the dark spirit that torments his soul?

Critic Reviews

It is, in a word, brilliant. Colourful, dramatic, relentless, accessible to children - and more frightening for their parents.

Critic Reviews

The plot hurtles along carrying the reader from one cliffhanger to the next.

Daily Telegraph
Critic Reviews

Praise for G P Taylor: 'A compelling and dark-edged fantasy . . . highly recommended.' (Shadowmancer)

Critic Reviews

Wormwood is breathtaking in scope . . . an extraordinary achievement told by a master storyteller. The book is, quite simply, marvellous.


G. P. Taylor is the author of several best-selling novels, including Shadowmancer, Shadowmancer: The Curse of Salamander Street, Wormwood and Tersias, as well as the Mariah Mundi trilogy. A former vicar of Cloughton in Yorkshire, he has enjoyed a varied career, moving from rock music to social work to ten years in the police force before his ordination. He now…

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