Garrison Keillor

Welcome to Lake Wobegon and another classic humorous tale of small-time life and colourful characters.

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In Lake Wobegon lives a good Lutheran lady who wishes for her ashes placed inside a bowling ball and dropped into the lake. Meanwhile, a wedding between a veterinary aromatherapist and her boyfriend Brent is set to take place aboard a pontoon boat. A delegation of renegade Lutheran pastors from Denmark has come to town, and there’s Raoul of the cigars and tinted shades, come to visit his elderly lover. All is in readiness for the wedding – the French champagne, the flying Elvis, the giant duck decoys – and then something quite unexpected happens . . .

Critic Reviews

Though it is set in the same milieu as the more famous book, this seamless carpet of prose is miles better than Lake Wobegon Days ... in his customary, unsurprised tone, Keillor weaves the everyday, the surreal and the downright magical into an ironic yarn that is cheerily reassuring about Middle America.

Critic Reviews

'Terribly amusing...with Keillor's gift for the small detail that sets your funny bone humming undiminished. And yet not far beneath the surface is an authentic sadness about life's brevity.'

Colin Waters,, Sunday Herald
Critic Reviews

'A compassionate writer, yet one with a forensic eye for human weakness. He also provides a few laugh-out-loud moments.' ,

Tim Relf, Telegraph

Garrison Keillor lives in St Paul, Minnesota, home of A Prairie Home Companion, his radio show that has been on the air since 1974. He wrote and appeared in Robert Altman’s final film, A Prairie Home Companion and is the author of many books including the Lake Wobegon novels, which include Lake Wobegon Days, Pontoon and Pilgrims.

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