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Werner Herzog – A Guide for the Perplexed

Paul Cronin

In Werner Herzog – A Guide for the Perplexed: Conversations with Paul Cronin, the award-winning director of Grizzly Man and Fiztcaraldo talks about his inspiring career in cinema.

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This edition of Herzog on Herzog presents a completely new set of interviews in which Werner Herzog discusses his career from its very beginnings to his most recent productions.

Herzog was once hailed by Francois Truffaut as the most important director alive. Famous for his frequent collaborations with mercurial actor Klaus Kinski – including the epics Aguirre, the Wrath of God and Fitzcarraldo, and the terrifying Nosferatu – and more recently with documentaries such as Grizzly Man, Cave of Forgotten Dreams and Into the Abyss, Herzog has built a body of work that is one of the most vital in post-war German cinema.

Critic Reviews

[A] magnificent volume of interviews ... this book presents an opportunity to enjoy extended musings from one of the most fascinating minds to which we are fortunate enough to have collective access ... Reading [Herzog] expounding on his myriad interests and obsessions, in tones that are full and fluent without ever crossing into pretentiousness or obscurity, is a tonic for the brain ... this book's vast bulk is indispensable. There's so much in it that it could be stocked in almost every aisle of the bookshop, including - such is its assault on cynicism and lethargy - the self-help aisle.

Hannah McGill, Independent
Critic Reviews

[T]he heftiest and most fascinating one-stop guide that the Herzog fan, or even newcomer, could possibly ask for.

Sunday Telegraph
Critic Reviews

[O]ne of the best things published about cinema ... so expansive, detailed and thought-provoking that it feels like more than a book. I can think of ten ways to use it. First, as a home film school ... as a life manual ... as a piece in a cultural jigsaw ... as a 'how not to' ... to make you laugh ... as a warning against professional hubris ... in learning how to interview ... as a surrogate life ... as pure literature ... as inspiration.

Sight & Sound
Critic Reviews

A Guide for the Perplexed will remind lapsed fans why they so loved [Herzog's] films... Part of what makes A Guide for the Perplexed so extraordinary is that Herzog seems to recall, in detail, everything that has ever happened in the course of his dramatic life ... The book is so full of marvellous passages that one could go on quoting forever ... What is remarkable about A Guide for the Perplexed - what makes it the sort of book you want to give to friends - is the access it provides to the furious inner excitement of one of the great artists (whether he likes the term or not) of our time.

Critic Reviews

[A Guide for the Perplexed] deserves to reach a general readership ... [it] is one of the best, the most inspirational and definitely the most unusual guides to filmmaking ever written ... Just about anyone who wishes to follow an art or craft or trade or passion can learn from this book.

Literary Review
Critic Reviews

Featuring poems and essays, contributions from Harmony Korine and editor Herbert Golder and dozens of photos, it's a beautiful book about a beautiful man.

Total Film

Paul Cronin is a film-maker who has also edited Herzog on Herzog, as well as Alexander Mackendrick’s On Film-making.

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