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Labour People

Kenneth O. Morgan
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The author himself provides the best description. ‘In this book I examine about thirty key personalities in the the history of the British Labour movement between 1900 and 1987. I also try to explore what kind of typology of leadership emerges. This is, inevitably, a highly personal selection, in part reflecting my own interests, outlook and background. . . I hope, nevertheless, that the main kinds of Labour leaders, parliamentary politicians, trade unionists, machine apparatchiks, intellectuals, journalists, prophets and others are truly represented. . .’

Kenneth O. Morgan succeeds magnificently in his aim whether he is writing about Keir Hardie, The Webbs, Ellen Wilkinson, Herbert Morrison or Denis Healey: these portraits and all the others are illuminated with a sympathetic scholarship.

‘Morgan can bring to the study of the Labour Party a knowledge that is second to none’ Ben Pimlott, New Society

‘It combines surveying the abundant recently published material on twentieth century British labour history with the integrating perspective of a sympathetic and very knowledgeable historian’ Brian Harrison, London Review of Books

‘matchless authority . . . both attractive and unique’ J. M. Winter, History

‘These Labour People are full of fascinating contradictions’ John Mortimer, Sunday Times

‘polished, yet sharp, moving easily through complexities yet often with a provocative comment’ David Howell, Welsh History Review

Kenneth O.Morgan

Kenneth O Morgan has been for over thirty years one of Britain’s leading modern historians. His many books include Wales in British Politics, 1868-1922, Lloyd George, Keir Hardie (reissued in Faber Finds), Consensus and Disunity, Rebirth of a Nation: Wales 1880-1980, Labour in Power 1945-1951, Labour People (reissued in Faber Finds) , The People’s Peace, Callaghan: A Life and Michael…

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Kenneth O.Morgan